We are in an age where information is at our fingertips and people want to explore the options open to them. Psychic advice is one of the information options available to us. The How to Interpret a Psychic Reading Series puts psychic advice into perspective and teaches you how to use advice provided to you by psychics. It discusses how you can distinguish the true psychic from the many misguided people, albeit well meaning, claiming to be psychic. An unethical psychic or charlatan can seriously influence you in a way that can throw your life off course. The How to Interpret a Psychic Reading Series, as is my book, is the product of assessing responses from my clients and students, and springs from my desire to reinforce the credibility of genuine psychics. You may find the following rules to interpreting your psychic reading helpful – they are valid psychic hints. An expansion of each rule will follow over subsequent weeks.

Rule 1
Identify the nagging feeling before you have a psychic reading.

Rule 2
Psychic advice will always be directed at empowering you to make decisions for yourself.

Rule 3
We create by accepting the doctrine of personal responsibility.

Rule 4
When you receive a prediction decide what you will do about it then keep living.

Rule 5
Psychic advice will always have a relevant pragmatic application in your daily life.

Rule 6
If you want something to happen so much that you are not willing to listen or accept the psychic information, don’t ask for a psychic reading.

Rule 7
A practising psychic communicates with non-physical phenomena without the need for physical props such as tarot, runes, etc.

Rule 8
When assessing a psychic reading be analytical not subjective.

Rule 9
If you feel uncomfortable with the psychic or the methods used, choose someone else.

Rule 10
Let your intuition make the final choice in choosing the most suitable psychic for you.

Rule 11
At the reading know why you are there and remain focussed on your stated objectives.

Rule 12
Acknowledge the prediction and then do nothing about it until you understand yourself in relation to the prediction.

Rule 13
When preparing for a reading, understand yourself.

Rule 14
Ask for the psychic’s definition of key words and phrases.

Rule 15
Verify, verify, verify, and then verify some more.

Rule 16
Patience is more than a virtue; it is necessary in the growing process.

Rule 17
Just because a psychic says so doesn’t change a thing.

Rule 18
Always look at the broader scope of the reading.

Rule 19
Treat predictions ambivalently unless you can do something to avoid a catastrophe.