I vividly remember, in the 1980s, my first psychic reading. It was an experiment and I left it non-plussed. How did she know all those things about me? She answered all my questions before I had asked them? I thought the whole affair pretty cool. She said she was speaking with her Spirit Guides. I figured that if I could get to mine, then, bingo, access to the Holy Grail. Na├»ve little sod I was but hey that reading kick started me on a path that saw me develop as a psychic medium giving readings, doing healings and running seminars. That was in the 1990’s.

In 1998 I left for a speaking tour of the UK. I had become a Reiki Master, had two books published and had three months of readings in my kit bag to do. The nineties was an amazing time for the New Age. I returned home, published another book, went back for a short 1999 tour of the UK and looked to the coming millennium with great hope. But something troubled me. I could not quite put my finger on it until I came home after that tour.

The question that sat in my mind was simply that good psychic advice (and yes there is bad psychic advice) is a double edged sword. On the one hand a psychic reading can enlighten and inspire when it gives us insight and understanding about how to manifest our authenticity into the world. That is, it acknowledges that we are the best creator for our lives and shows us how to access our inner sources of wisdom (intuition).

Alternatively, when we have found a great psychic, the other side of the sword can manifest because then, when the going gets tough, there is the tendency to avoid the inner teacher (intuition) in favour of wisdom from outside of us (easier to access we think) via a psychic reading. In these circumstances the reading, no matter how good it is, can actually dis-empower us.

When I realised this I stopped doing readings, running development classes, seminars and anything called esoteric because the moment someone promises an outcome to someone else then they are wielding the sword in dangerous company. Hey I am a Virgo. I just love to dramatise and self indulge. I took seven years off.

Late 2007 I revisited my books and became obsessed to put them up as e-books on a website. Life is full of journeys and this one ironically forced me to revisit all that I wrote. I have always acknowledged that the words I have written are part me (that’s the ego bit you should ignore) and mostly intuitive (that’s the bit you should still ignore unless it is your own intuition speaking to you). As I read, edited, died of embarrassment sometimes, I noticed a theme that ran through all of them.

That there is plenty of advice available to us and it is useful for one reason alone. Have you figured it out? Probably you are smarter than me and what I am writing about is old hat to you but hey, Virgo’s might be thick, but we are also stubborn and sooner or later wisdom will filter through to us except when we finally understand we will tell you it is ours alone. Here is my earth shattering discovery:

The only advice outside of me that has any benefit to me is advice that leads me to recognize my special brand of authentic expression.

Ram Dass is quoted as saying:

For there is one alone and there is no other, and if we did but know are eternally it.

The purpose then of a psychic reading (How to Interpret a Psychic Reading); developing psychically (Living Psychically); spiritual or energy healing (Healing with Energies) is for insight and understanding about how to manifest our authenticity into our worlds. A psychic reading is of guidance value only, if you want to do away with the psychic, cut out the middle person, and develop your psychic potential then it is for the same reason. Understanding illness is to understand the distance travelled away from our authentic expression, therefore a healer is a person who uses energy to guide the recipient to his/her inner authenticity. Ironic I thought that the aims of these books, the theses they postulated and the tips how to do it was a round about way of Living Intuitively and hey that was the very first book I wrote – from my intuition.

We are the creators of our realities (that’s obvious). We are brilliant at it but sometimes we get stuck or caught in the ego’s (that’s us) anxiety trap. When this happens, we tend to block ourselves from accessing our personal source of wisdom (intuition) This is when a reading or healing becomes valuable because it allows for dispassionate comment about our lives that we can either take on board or reject or do something in between.

If you would like one of these books, just ask me. I will send you a pdf version free of charge.