Peter Russell comments: There are two possible scenarios ahead of us. 1) Human consciousness will change in time to prevent total, ecological collapse because we are doing a lot of inner work and cultivating detachment, caring and compassion. 2) The collapse will inevitably happen and there will be chaos and in order to deal with that we shall need to do a lot of inner work, etc. Whatever happens the tasks are the same so we may as well get on with them.

The pressure mounts for us to make more conscious choices in all aspects of our lives. Shamans and scientists agree: Planet Earth is not happy and until we change our approach we will continue to be bombarded with catastrophes.

Today’s crises are not signifying an end to civilisation. Rather, they are portents to an astounding new beginning. Natural disasters, storms and upheavals will go on but once we learn the lessons and change our ways Earth will stop treating us in this manner. The shaking and collapsing of ego-based, materialistic structures is necessary also for humanity to survive.

Evolve or die: a stark and daunting choice.

The media would have us in fear and trembling. Don’t go there. Everything can change, and everything will change; that’s life. In the last century we have witnessed rapid changes in science and technology. The world in our present-day society is completely different from the society we lived in forty or fifty years ago. As in the simple scenario of demolishing one building to replace it with a more effective one… so with our present world. Have insight of knowing where we are headed.

The problems that stand in our way are not of an economical or technological nature. They are developed and staring us in the face.

Our deepest crisis lies within us; it is psycho-spiritual. The need is to rise to a higher level of emotional maturity and spiritual awareness.

Our culture will only change as a result of conscious evolution. Part of that is a voluntary decrease in population, intentionally leaving the forests uncut and the ground unmined and letting go of the need to possess and control for security.

Pursuing intense introspection enables us to see how beautiful and spiritual the natural world is; that trees and rivers and mountains are ‘temples’ of great power to be held in reverence and awe. And then we would demand an end to any economic activity that threatens this treasure. The more beauty we see the more we evolve, as nature and refined art and music are of a higher energy to the human condition.

Allow your ‘artist’ to appear to create a cultural picture or story. Your soul will be satisfied. Joy is as much a part of life as rationality.

Developing intuition is essential. This manifests as knowing without thinking, reason or doubt. We’re more than bodies and minds, more than enzymes and molecules. We once learned to make use of electricity; in the same way we can master the subtle domains of psychic energy. It is delightful that this non-ego way of making decisions grants much less conflict personally and collectively. Realisation comes that life is a seamless web.

Determine to live as a ‘responsibly free’ person. This provides the right to do what one wishes without outside constraint, while remaining aware of the consequences of one’s actions. This principle expands to humanity uniting as a global tribe, ensuring all its members equal rights and equal status. Either we learn to cooperate with each other or conditions on earth become unmanageable.

Be watchful and willing to support the younger generation’s dreams. This helps break with traditions and habitual thought patterns. Children are connected to their inner self in a rather magical way which allows for creativity, spontaneity and freedom to be who they are. As we continue to nurture this innate way they begin their lives as human beings, they stay connected to their inner self – whole, healthy and positive about the individual they are. Then there is no need for them to relearn a life that contains compassion and insight.

As the frequency of our consciousness increases it touches more around us. Cultivating relationships with other individuals who are compelled by the same vision and who share the more evolved values and insight, a structure in consciousness develops between us that can support the very higher potentials necessary to be created for our survival.