During the various Inquisitions, the prevailing attitude of the church and its “divinely-inspired” agents of the lord was “Kill them all. God will know his own”.

This attitude was applied mercilessly and exhaustively to any non-christian heretic, such as Witches, Werewolves, Midwives, and Cathars (men and women alike) with great pleasure. However, it was not just non-believers the church wished to destroy.

For those not subjected to brutal torture and burning, help was needed for them so they could enter into the bosom of this benevolent church. For this to happen, belief had to be changed. Psychological warfare was employed to erase the understanding of these other realities and the beings of these non-physical domains. This style of warfare was applied with the same efficacy as any other method. Again, since this enemy could not be killed, the nether-worlds had to be forgotten or feared. Because these realms were “untouchable”, it was this reality that threatened the church more than anything else — it was in direct competition with the church’s profit-potential. It is nothing new to us today that competition must be eradicated or assimilated, so the only solution to this problem was a great forgetting by the population through misinformation. However, this would prove to be a difficult task in the long run, for here we are today- remembering.

In near-to-physical, parallel and quantum realities, intelligence still exists as it always has, and if we just turn our attention in that direction, we will discover a greater reality. In this reality, life is teeming, and you will not need a church to guide or dictate you behavior and beliefs. A great variety of beings exist in a place that literally touches our skin. This space that we share is filled with, among other things, what are called salamanders, undines, gnomes, sylphs, angels, daemons, and ETs. Unfortunately, applying the names we have to these entities can conjure up wholly inaccurate images in our minds by our arrogance and misunderstanding – this is much like calling an apple a grapefruit, but a fruit is a fruit, and at least we have a point of reference… .

I recently came across the painting shown above, and it struck me so deeply that I had to post it. Like many other paintings, this image reveals something we care not to think of in serious terms. We have chosen to forget certain things for want of material reward and even basic survival in this dog-eat-dog society, but it is time now to forget something else.

We must forget what centuries of repression, oppression and mind-control has done to our awareness of these other realities, and then choose to remember. We must re-member what our senses are capable perceiving. We must re-member aspects of our world that may not be in the realm of physical matter. It is time to stop dissecting reality and put things back together. It is time to bring these cast-off places back into our world, and work and play within it and with its inhabitants. It is time to bring an attitude of kindness and friendliness into these ancient and timeless places, and then experience riches beyond anything that could fill our wallets, purses and bank-accounts.

Can you say AMEN to that?