It has been said, All things have becauses. This is a succinct explanation of the modus operandi of the universe we live in.

The subject of karma applies to all of us and this doctrine was originally given full explanation from Hindu and Buddhist perspectives.

It is the secret to resolving many apparent mysteries; without an understanding of karma, earthly life appears cruel and unjust. Karma is subtle yet we may still use it as a key to organise our lives rather than agonising over the seemingly unexpected events that weave together to form our existence.

Imagine this analogy of karma. Let’s see our lives as a river flowing along and if no interruption is made to it, it does its thing and all goes well. Should we throw stones into it, try to bank it up, make it flow faster or even change direction the smoothness of its flow is interrupted and diverted. As the water is pushed to another place it will cause a counter reaction within the river. These stones and other actions are the intentions of our ego as we move through life. Intents may be selfish or well-meaning and beneficial. Now this river flows alongside and interacts with the river (any other person’s life) beside it – water does splash about. Each river is affected by the other river and so on.

Perhaps this helps to understand the subtlety and complexity of karma.

In the language of the more left-brained of us: Every thought or action gives off a vibration or energy pattern. This interacts with universal consciousness, which is filled with an infinite number of such energy patterns emanating from other energy bodies.

Karma if you wish is a psychic (consciousness and motive) equivalent of Newton’s theory of action and reaction. That as far as you push in one direction the pendulum is going to swing back an equal arc the other side.

It has been noted in every area of creation that there is a rubber-band like quality that eliminates imbalance and restores the universal ethic of harmony; an exquisite tendency to balance, and maintaining that. The moment nature discovers diversity it immediately demands the reunion of the separate parts.

Karma is not a mechanical or fatalistic ‘an eye for an eye’. It is not retribution or judgment; it is not a punishment, nor is it a penalty or pain concept. Rather it is fluid and flexible, as outcomes are continually shaped by new factors. It may be viewed in the light of compensation or putting something right in relation to others – a return to harmony.

In our world nothing happens to a person that he or she does not for some reason or other deserve. We may cry, what have I done to deserve this? The answer is: Plenty. Admittedly this is a deeply spiritual stance but nevertheless true.

We need to know that karma is the engine that drives the wheel of uncontrolled rebirth for each of us. Karma is the sum of our habits, tendencies, mannerisms and peculiarities of our nature as manifested in what we do.

Karma is really happening – we are responsible for our actions; there is no outside force, like the stars or some good or evil being acting through us. God has been much maligned – blame has been placed at his feet for too long. With understanding the spiritual domain of karma makes sense and there is no need for superstition, applying human characteristics and behavior and fantasies to explain it.

The most powerful determining factor of karma is intention and decision of the spiritual will. Karma is made up of our intentions, words and actions. What selections we make influence the decisions and directions of our ongoing lives.

The most simple action of peeling a potato can be accompanied by resentment or by devotion to life’s needs and serving. When we stop to assist a helpless beetle with a twig so it can turn over off its back the whole sea of consciousness knows and responds. This is the making of karma.

Only karma gives a satisfying explanation for the extreme and extraordinary differences between human beings. Even though born in the same family, country or in similar circumstances, we all have different characters; totally different things happen to us, we have different talents, inclinations and desires.

The doctrine of karma gives us a reason for everything and everything for a reason. As a philosophy it is of assistance as we struggle within our lives at various times and can provide courage to continue our personal evolution.