If you are in search of physical perfection, craze lines may drive you crazy when they’re on your teeth. What are ‘craze lines’? These are vertical lines on the surface of your teeth. Apparently, they are more common in older people. They are, however, hairline cracks on the enamel of teeth and can appear in grey, brown, yellow, or translucent. Some folks find them unsightly, especially when there are a bunch of them. The modern obsession with white teeth and our superficial appearance will probably find much to mull over about craze lines.

Lines On Teeth Enamel Marring The Myth Of Physical Perfection

Many find meaning in the search for physical perfection, especially the young. We live in a world with many mirrors. The multiplicity of digital screens in our lives means much navel gazing from the chin up. “Aint I pretty enough?” This desperate mantra rings out through the biosphere from a billion lost souls. “Mirror, mirror on my phone…who is the fairest of them all..?” Egads, what are these gross lines running down my teeth? How will I go on, knowing that my once brilliant white teeth are now besmirched by craze lines? How incredibly cruel is fate!

What Can You Do About Craze Lines?

Coffee, wine, tobacco, and soft drink stains make your craze lines on your teeth look worse. The lines on the front of your teeth will, like an etching in the art world, be defined by the substances you regularly imbibe. These will act as inklike mediums on the canvas of your smile. Indeed, red wine stains make them stand out more, like a painting by Jackson Pollock. There is a reason why everyone in the dental clinic wears predominantly white. A reason why very few artists and dentists mingle. Crazy lines may have their place, but not in the oral ideal of most dentists.

The Causes Of Craze Lines

The hands of time wait for no man or woman. Wear and tear pulls every edifice down in the end. These finely cracked teeth lines are, also, attributed to teeth grinding (bruxism), an uneven bite and misaligned teeth, a traumatic injury to teeth, and chewing on really hard stuff like your fingernails. Craze lines are not a sign that all your teeth are suddenly going to fall out. They are a response to the pressures our teeth are under via their daily tasks over time. Have a chat with your local dentist if you are worried about the appearance of craze lines on your teeth.