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Christina Richter

Christina Richter is highly qualified in the healing arts and has 25 years experience in mainstream medicine. She began her career in nursing and has spent the last 17 years specialising in Intensive Care. She cleverly adapts this knowledge to our western way of life. Her focus and passion is to assist her clients in their own Self Healing process. Astrology reveals your own personal path enabling you to understand what works for you. She has over the past eight years used Astrological methodology to identify and treat psychological, emotional and spiritual symptoms. This information is then used to empower and educate her clients on prevention and health care. Connecting soul to mind and body.

Using Ayurveda to heal

Everyone has a unique genetic map that holds the secrets of life. The ancient Indian art of Ayurveda can help us navigate that sacred map.

Medical astrology

Medical Astrology
Hippocrates (460-357 BC), the father of medicine, maintained - A physician without the knowledge of astrology can not rightly call himself a physician.