A seed, if given the right amount of sunlight and rain, will naturally grow into a tree. With enough nurturing and nourishment it will reach its potential. However, if we crush the seed early on, reducing it to powder between our fingertips, all potential is lost. It is blown away on the breeze, never to become what it could be. The dream ends before it has even begun; perhaps, lost forever. If we cannot visualise the tree when looking down at the small seed in our hands, how did it ever have a slightest chance at life? In our minds, we can’t picture it happening so we believe it’s not possible.  The realisation of our dreams is much the same. If we don’t believe in the first place, how can they ever be?

All of us have dreams; specific goals we’ve set for ourselves. Dreams, like demanding children, tug at our shirtsleeve, eager to become a reality. Oftentimes, we choose to ignore them. Our negativity holds us back and we ignore any signs or coincidences that may help us get closer to our dreams. We foolishly listen to others who tell us we are silly. Most often it is their own bitterness and resentment at not achieving their own dreams that makes them say the things they do. And so the cycle perpetuates itself over and over again. Negativity breeds negativity, becoming so ingrained in our thought patterns we become unconscious of it.

Why do we do this? When do we start thinking that our dreams will never eventuate? Perhaps we think too much. A young seedling does not have the faculty of thinking; it just responds to nature. It does not try to become a tree by concentrating hard or by controlling its environment. It does not try to make things happen.  It is not always constantly searching for answers and trying to orchestrate events in its favour. It remains open to the goodness in its surroundings and trusts nature.

Perhaps there is much to learn from nature about potential. If only we could stop squashing our dreams before they’ve even had the chance to take root. However it’s not just about thinking positively, as there is a lot of hard work that goes into achieving dreams. Like the growth of a tree, it does not happen overnight. If we are prepared and committed, our dreams have a better chance at fruition.

Dreams help us stay focused and give us a sense of purpose. They allow us to grow and reach our potential. Without dreamers the world would be a very bland place. Everything we see in the world is a result of a dream. The music we listen to, the books we read, the buildings we work in, the modes of transport we take, the television shows we watch all are results of someone having a dream and then setting out to achieve it. If their initial thought was one of doubt in their abilities then, unfortunately, we would all be the worse off for it.

Sticking to our dreams not only affects us but others as well. Our success acts as an impetus for others.  And so the cycle perpetuates itself, over and over again. Positivity breeds positivity, until it hopefully becomes so ingrained in our thought patterns that it comes naturally.

Our minds play such an integral part in attaining our dreams. The thoughts we have about something become our reality. Even if our dreams appear ridiculous to others or unachievable, we must always believe in ourselves and our abilities. Who’s to say what is possible and what isn’t? How will we ever know if we don’t try in the first place, if we squash the seed before it’s been planted?