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Dian Brown


Can perfection ruin life?

Within us all is a dream of a being and a love that is everything we desire. Is fair to compare anyone to this sense of perfection we hold?

Living with judgement

Woman Crying
You determine, based upon your personal beliefs and values, what is good, bad, wanted, ridiculous, feared and worthless etc. Take care when you judge something.

The masks we wear

We should take off our masks and stop playing roles that we not only feel uncomfortable with, but are a lie - to reveal our true identities.

Where is love In pain?

Woman Crying
How can we believe love is real when we are surrounded by trouble plaguing both our lands and lives? Where is the love in pain?

The end of accountability

Self Sufficient
Could the exploded lack of accountability in our society be a karmic situation? Are we witnessing the consequences of the actions of the previous generation?

Awakening to the present

Now Sign
Dian Brown explores this process of being present and living only today. Do not dwell on the past; do not dream of the future, concentrate on the now.

Coping with Christmas

Christmas Wrapping
Do you remember what Christmas is really about and how you were only filled with wonder? Here are some sage words for getting through this Festive Season.

Psychics are messengers

Valid psychic hints
So you are off to see a Psychic? The work in understanding yourself and your life actually begins the moment you LEAVE your reading.

I want what you have

Consumer Stress
Dian Brown writes that we tend to desire the lives others lead solely on how we perceive them. But what if all is not as it seems? Is yours the truth?

The demise of reason

Dr Martin Luther King
To every action, there is a reaction. This fundamental law of physics is explored by Dian Brown in relation to reason and common sense.

2012 Is The End?

Hollywood has long been fascinated by the demise of the Earth and science fiction quickly adds its perspective also. People are asking if 2012 is the end.

Before it’s too late

Countdown Clock
We have the power to take control over our destiny. We can hold those responsible, including ourselves, and become part of the solution.

Appreciating our life

Life Appreciation
Love, kindness, compassion, courage, inner resolve, new belief structures - all are elements we are finally learning to appreciate.

Keep it sincerely simple

Keep it Simple
We need to understand the importance our various relationships have on us learning to understand who we are and what our lives are about.

Doors we open and close

Door Choice
All of life is a cycle where everything has a natural ending and a new beginning and one becomes the other. Time to open the next door.

Lies: variations of truth

Truth Lie
Do we really need to know everything those we have relationships with think, experience or feel? Is it true that what we do not know will not hurt us?

Realising what we have

Fulfilment Key
Why do we let our relationships fall apart? How do we lose love and dwell on negatives? Re-evaluating the importance of our lives will show us what is real.

Is there someone for everyone?

Mouths Kissing
Join two members of Generation X as they look for love in a modern world. Dian Brown creates a place where love struggles to conquer all.

Forgiveness, ego and soul

Angel Demon
What does our soul need to do in its lifetime, and what part does our ego play? Which way do we turn when forgiveness becomes a lesson?

I’m too busy to have a life – pt 6

Too Busy
Go for a walk and listen to what's around you, look at the colours of the birds flying past and really look at the types of flowers and trees there are.

I’m too busy to have a life – pt 5

Too Busy
Dian Brown suggests that we work at being flexible throughout the day, being aware of your commitments, and ensure we make time for ourselves.

Start believing in you

Face What You Fear
Our sense of self is a fragile thing. The one constant message we give ourselves is that we are not good enough. The power to change this lies with us.

What men need to know

Great Idea
Dian Brown now shares one woman's tale of such grand enlightenment with you so that you also may live in truth. This is for you men...

The ego abuses power

Ego Warning
Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power - expression of power while considering what the lesson behind holding power is.

Our imprint is permanent

Green Footprint
No matter where you live, you are responsible for the imprint you make upon our Earth. We need to believe ins workable, achievable solutions.

What is attraction?

Magnetic Attaction
Attraction is completely subjective because it is personal. What attracts you to someone - a physical feature, personality trait, or something else?

Is there more to life?

More Key
What is it we want from ourselves? Is what we do all there is to life? Dian Brown questions this feeling that creates our need to search for meaning.

Is your life just karmic?

Karma Heart
We empower ourselves and our lives once we understand where the control of it is, says Dian Brown. She considers the role fate and karma play in our lives.

Regret and choice

Sad Reflection
The toughest critic you will ever face is yourself, so remember considering the consequences of your decisions before you make them.

Time starts now

Start Button
You have a divine right to be happy, and if something isn't working in your life you are allowed to change it. So go ahead, change the way you see yourself.

A personal timetable

When Dian Brown was teaching time management skills to secondary students, she would have them draw a weekly time-table.

Balance the inner and outer you

Male Figures Meditating
We realised we were more than the things we did and the roles we had. We understood that, no matter what we do, life will go by.

Stopping the clock

Stop the Clock
How does life become so consuming that we lose our identity and determine that our personal needs just don't matter? Dian Brown asks the question.