Can you look me in the eyes and tell me you do not care
That our Earth is dying and one day soon it may just not be there?
The future we face is being caused by the hands of power and greed.
Do not believe the lies spun by leaders with personal agendas to feed.

Are you allowing your life to be led by what the media has to say?
Do you not realise that an agenda they also hold each and every day?
They tell you what they want you to know, they are owned by self interest too
And keeping you in fear and blind to truth is their power over you.

Don’t you see beyond the veil that they have put in place?
Just who is the terrorist plotting against the human race?
How is it that they grow richer at the expense of you and me?
And why are they allowed to dictate how long the Earth’s help will be?

Big oil drills without remorse and NASA will bomb our moon.
And our Earth is over-heating because we continue to over consume.
In this time of plenty, how can our water supplies be so low?
When do you think it will be time to stop and care how this will go?

Would we really rather see species face extinction and suddenly fade away
Than hold our politicians accountable for the decisions they have made today?
You cannot save yourself with money or with a silent mournful cry
When our Earth cannot give anymore and all begins to die.

In our circle of life, we each have a role to play.
From the beginning of time it has always remained this way.
It is not the right of big business, our governments or our banks
To take what is not theirs and expect you to give them thanks.

We all have a right, a divine right to be free
And to keep our Earth exactly in the manner it was intended to be.
There is no place for power and greed when our lives are on the line.
Do not be fooled into believing that this all will be just fine.

Think twice about who is telling you this and what information they do give
For never has it been more important for us to all help ourselves to live.
We need to understand our fate and realise the actions we must take
Not in six months time but today and now, before it really is too late.

There will not be a second chance for us to get this moment right
And doing nothing will leave our Earth with an irreversible plight.
Tell politicians what to do for they actually work for you and me
Not the other way round as they would so happily have you believe.

You have a right to answers and to a planet with a future for all to hold
No part of what we live on is a politicians to barter or be sold.
They have no right to play God or to determine what lives or dies
And they certainly do not have the right to weave deceit and lies.

Ask yourself why there is poverty when billions line pockets and fund these wars?
When was the last time you saw a politician actually uphold one of their own laws?
Why is it ok that our Earth is torn apart for resources companies stole?
Ask yourself if this is what you want and should it continue without control?

Find your truth amongst the charlatans and grab it with both your hands
Listen to those whose lives have always been at one with their dear land.
They know the way to heal and to restore what we have lost
For they and the natural kingdom are paying the price for what this has cost.

Respect the Earth and all upon it for it is the only home we’ve got.
Learn to make your footprint smaller and remember what politicians do not.
That together we can make a difference to unconditionally benefit us all
And restore the imbalance created by those whose greed and corruption saw it fall.

Remember that no hope is ever lost whilst someone out there cares
It only takes one brave soul to venture where no one dares.
So save the Earth that’s all around you and all upon her too.
Do not sit by in silence and then wish when there’s nothing left to do.