So, you’re off to see a psychic?

From the time we have made the booking, we can invest many moments wondering about what they will say and what they know about us that we do not. We want to know everything and by the time the booking arrives, we may have placed this person way beyond the earthly realm, giving them superhuman qualities and, we then expect a lot from them! Although we want to know it all, we are unable to pinpoint specific questions to ask and we flounder when it comes to answering why we want to know.

When our confidence and self belief wanes, or some experience unsettles us, we feel we need to look beyond ourselves for answers and sometimes, a more impartial perspective is exactly what is needed. We are not aware that we can actually give away our power, our will and our control of our life to someone that we have never met before. It may sound silly and, to rational minds – it is. But, it is what it is and we do what we do and, if we learn from this then we have invested our time wisely.

So, you have been, you have all this new information (and much of it not what you wanted to hear) before you. Now what? What on earth are you supposed to do now? Let the real work begin …

It can take a long time to assimilate what a psychic tells you, if we ever get it at all. We need to process their information, put it into perspective, look at our lives from what we now know and see how it all makes sense. We can’t blindly accept what someone else says, nor can we sit around doing nothing because they told us something would all work out either. We need to reach an understanding about what receiving this information means to us, how we want to use it and why we went in the first place. There needs to be a balance between our wants and our needs.

Ask yourself, what did I get out of that experience? Then, keep questioning.

Questions like: Have I learnt anything? What does this information mean? What should I do with what I know? Who does this benefit? Does this information change anything? What is the point in this message? How can I use this to better understand myself, others, my life? What did I need to hear? Why? Going to see a psychic is anything but a cushy ride. It is the beginning of a whole new way of being. Our work has only just begun after their visit. Instead of being given answers, you leave with more questions than you had before you went. What you do with their information is up to you but you do find yourself looking at yourself differently than you did before. Somehow, what they said changed everything but really, except for you, nothing has changed at all.

The next step is one of awareness. Slowly, once the impact of this experience fades, bits and pieces of what you were told come back exactly when you need to recall them. You begin to look at life a little differently and now, what people say to you, or what you read, takes on new meaning. It is, if you will, quite like an epiphany. All that has changed is you and the way in which you are alert to your life. The psychic does not create your life, you do. Destiny is not an absolute and nor is it out of your control. With knowledge comes awareness and with awareness comes change and with change comes experience and experience leads to wisdom and now, look at where your psychic meeting has brought you?

If our goal is self-mastery, psychics assist us in realizing that it is we who hold our answers if we are prepared to use what we have to discover this.