Her eyes sparkled when she saw him… he, of course, had noticed her too. Each one stood – mesmerised, outlining each other over and over again in their minds. Who would move to whom first? What would their first words be? How long would it take before they could stand it no longer and their bodies would need to touch? As he tilted his head to encourage her, she lowered her eyes and bit her bottom lip gently. Despite the distance between them physically, they shared such heat, such energy and such a need… each longing intensely for the other. The night would bring more than their bodies to life and each of them felt it.

Is “love at first sight” real? Or is lust and longing the prevailing feeling? I believe in both. Why do you notice one person instead of another? What do you look for and what do you like about someone else? Are you a leg man, a girl who likes guys with broad chests? Are someone’s eyes the most important thing you notice, is it the sound of their voice or do you have a propensity for a particular hair colour above all others? Does long hair appeal to you or does a good set of biceps make your heart race? Why do you think this is? Can we ever really understand why we are drawn to some people and not others?

I think being swept off your feet by a knight in shining armour is indeed possible, just as I believe that, at times, one’s attraction is only physical. The thing to note is why you feel attracted to this particular being and not the person they are standing next to. I think we look for a perfect fit for us. Someone who will somehow give us what we don’t understand is missing but just know, is.

We look for love, we look for intimacy and we look for a way to express all of who we are in safety. What we are attracted to, in many ways, is a soulful realisation, of almost feeling whole and connected and no longer on a painful quest to be understood and embraced for the being we are. If you are drawn to someone, then they have been placed before you for a reason, be it to just chat with and learn things, to become a friend, to cheer you up or you, they, to stimulate your mind, to open new doors in business etc, or to spend one incredible night together as lovers who enjoy the pleasure each brings… or maybe, just maybe… it is so you can build the rest of your life with this person because, in the words of the Jerry MaGuire film… they complete you.

There is much more to attraction than the looking for a mate response that has been given by many a psychologist in the past. I see attraction as much more spiritual in that the feeling we are consumed with is our soul’s wisdom guiding us towards that which needs to be – no matter the reason. Our lives are filled with purpose and potential and, at times, neither do we acknowledge or see. Feeling the butterflies in your stomach when you’re near someone, or that rush that comes with a first touch is you being unconditional about your inner self… where you just are while being blissfully unaware of anything else. It’s honest and authentic. Can you love someone instantly? Have you ever met someone and felt as though you’ve known them beyond forever? How do you feel near them? Is it love? Sometimes, we meet all that we need and people call this other their soul-mate. Is that what they really are, a part of your soul? And can there be more than one? If the soul is infinite, then I think there can.

Somewhere amongst our Universe; someone is as attracted to you as you are to them and each of you will complete the other by allowing the other to express their soul and live from the inside – out. And that is love.