The word hypnosis conjures up instant images of dark clothed men with shifty eyes.  Holding a hand clock that they wave around without authorisation at anyone who dares glance their way – one who completely controls your thoughts. So what are the secrets of hypnosis?

Hypnosis, when it first started, was at a very structural level using things such as pulsating lights and clocks to create focus. This was coupled with psychology. At these early stages primarily during the 1950’s and 1960’s where it was somewhat accepted, it was a limited and tightly structured resource. The way in which it was regarded, was also limited and actually quite frowned upon. Then of course in that era and of times before, the stigmas of witchcraft had an underlying current mainly because of the lack of understanding of its true forms.

So, let’s once and for all demystify this phenomenon. As a Hypnotist I feel compelled to do this and finally divulge the “trade”secrets of hypnosis:

Secrets of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation. There are many levels of relaxation. Everyone is able to be hypnotised. Everyone has the mechanisms and the capability within them to relax. Relaxation is a very natural state of being.

When we are relaxed, we are calm, serene, unstressed, yet clear and in focus. Every Hypnotist knows that everyone is able to be hypnotised. It is purely and simply a matter of choice as to whether a person decides to do so. Hypnosis is a resource, a tool in effectual zing a change or desired behaviour. It is pure unconscious communication. When there is a desire for a particular change, hypnosis can interrupt the repetitive nature or chatter of old repetitive habits and creates a more positive, beneficial life approach.

Some common desirable changes may be; constant thoughts such as negativity, anxiety, lack of confidence, symptomatic traits such as pain, restlessness, sleeplessness and destructive behaviours such as; anger, smoking, addictions, obesity.

So even with the emulation of hypnotic stage shows (which is another article), I’m here to tell you honestly that when you are in Hypnosis, all of your morals, values and beliefs are always completely in tact. They are never compromised.

I bet that there have been many times that you have been in a state of hypnosis (trance, mediation, or relaxation) and not fully realised it. You have probably experienced a degree of it at least once this week. Hypnosis is not just about being “totally out of it”. There are many different types and forms.

Have you ever been driving a common route in the car that you may do fairly frequently and then get to your destination or endpoint and surprise yourself that you are already there?

Have you ever been in bed in that wonderful half awake half asleep mode where you know that if you kept your eyes closed you could fall back into a deep sleep or if you opened your eyes you would awake? And sometimes in that wonderful blissful natural state you can have the neighbours dog barking and it seems so inconsequential.. So far far away?

Have you ever been in a crowded room, club or party situation where there is a lot of people and music and then all of a sudden, your focus is drawn to a particular person or object? Yet you are aware of where you are. You can hear the music. You are aware that others are around but they seem hazy and distant because your focus is drawn solely on this particular person or object.

The beauty about our human race is that we have choice. This choice extends to what resource we can use in our lives. But before discarding Hypnosis as an effective tool without even trying it- consider this. The Hypnotist as a practitioner is enabling the client to do what it is they have already decided to do. It’s like a wonderfully bound book that your best friend comes over to give you when visiting. Unless you decide to open the book and read it you will never know how good the story is.