Let’s visit the magical mystical illusion of stage hypnosis.

We have already ascertained that every hypnotist knows that everyone is able to be hypnotised. So when people are approaching a stage show or heck even buying tickets for the thing, they are anticipating and mostly aware of what will be happening or their perception of it at least. It’s sort of like that build up to a circus tent when you’re a child that you may sometimes have to travel quite a distance to watch and sit with baited breath as the stage lights up. You are expecting to be entertained.
The people that volunteer to go on stage are naturally extroverted people. Let’s face it- they are not going to be someone who is shy in the corner and afraid to be the centre of attention.
Now let’s put this in perspective.
A stage hypnotist needs to create an illusion and maintain an illusion, I mean after all it’s his business. He relies on two main things: firstly the belief and secondly the possibility.
He can read people through body language, sensory acuity and other brilliant forms of being highly perceptive means. The way the person volunteers, how they approach the stage and even what they are wearing and how they present themselves already has given a huge insight into how far the magic show will extend.
The stage Hypnotist has an aim to entertain, to continue to create business and to continue to manifest that illusionary mysticism associated with Hypnosis to enable further business and promotion.
When the stage hypnotist is sending people off stage, claiming that they cant be hypnotised or that it simply isn’t working for them he is doing two very important things: firstly, he is making his job a bit easier for himself and concentrating on the volunteers that are more open and creative and secondly he is continuing to effectively maintain the illusions of his business industry to his audience.
Now don’t get me wrong… there are some who have been certificated and who hold Diplomas in Hypnosis and use elements coupled with Psychology. There are even doctorate studies in the field… Others however have studied concepts of mentalism and the like and have magic and illusionist training.
So that what you think you are seeing and believing is only actually happening because you have decided it to allow to become part of your reality.. Even those volunteers that claim that no one can hypnotise them and so on have still made the decision to go on stage to “see” and guess what? They will be affected.
So a stage hypnotist is not a shamster to be put in the used car sales man slot, rather he is a clever magician of the mind and doing “normal” things by slightly changing the angle and then dramatically influencing the perception of the volunteer and the audience as is to what is actually happening.
When you witness or hear about stage shows it usually involves some resemblance to people barking like dogs, walking like chickens and making out with a chair or piece of furniture, sometimes even with a stranger It is easy because the volunteer has no problem with it.. It is not posing huge ethical decisions and dilemmas for them personally… According to their model of the world, that is perfectly safe and ok for them to do so. In other words, it does not compromise their values, morals or belief structure significantly.
The volunteers made the decision to go on stage and volunteer… with full anticipation of what they may be asked to do… yes they may be co-erced by their peers but in the end they have made the final decision.. You have never witnessed a stage show yet whereby someone is pushing another person on stage and telling them to go there.. They know they are going to be on stage, people will laugh and maybe film them and take photos and probably a lot of the things will be quite funny and even brazen. So the people volunteering are seemingly prepared.
I have friends that are Stage Hypnotists and Clinical Hypnotherapists. Being a Clinical Hypnotherapist, it often challenges me to think what these people are actually getting from their short notoriety on stage and how it actually benefits them.. Stage Hypnosis is for pure entertainment.. Clinical Hypnosis is a tool or resource to enable the client to do what they already have decided.