Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Caudine Maturana


Get rid of toxic thought

Determining your health and how it affects your psychological health is largely determined by the type of thoughts you have. Get rid of toxic thought.

The risk of self love

It's healthy to have love for self but like everything, too much of anything can be a bad thing. So how do we recognise too much self love?

Don’t wait to feel worthy

The first part of delving into our internal battle and struggles within our capability of self worth. Claudine Maturana explores our limitations...

The power of introspection

The Thinker
It's not always full steam ahead. Being silent and still are often the misplaced vital ingredients, or the key parts, of success.

Transcending resolutions

Sydney Fireworks
Try a different approach. Stop the resolutions that dwindle to a pin-point by the end of the year. Here's a fresher perspective on the New Year.

Secrets of hypnosis

Hypnosis Word Cloud
Find out the history of thoughts still around today about the hypnotic world and its value in society. Claudine Maturana exposes the secrets of Hypnosis.

Stage Hypnosis – real or imaginary?

Stage Hypnotist
Ever wondered what is really going on when you witness a show? Here's some of the behind the scene techniques used in Stage Hypnosis.

A hypnosis session

Hypnotic Suggestion
A Hypnosis session generally is a one hour session and commences usually ascertaining how much the client 'knows' about Hypnosis.

A guided tour of emotion

Re-activate the inbuilt radar by trusting it and accepting the information it relays. Understand the intuitive response of what we feel, and what we do.

That childlike fragment

Gain deeper understanding into our behaviours and actions as we become more introspective - who we are and how it forms who we've become today.

Keeping your life simple

Personal responsibility is painful to accept, yet by doing so it plays a pivotal part in alleviating the pain. Keeping your life simple makes it easier.

The real difference

Yellow Ball Smiling
Claudine Maturana explains the importance of the difference in our actions and its consistency that we need to create. That's the difference...

Get excited about failing

Find out how to fail successfully and still have a genuine smile. Claudine Maturana shows why failure is something to be celebrated.

The importance of balance

Maintaining Balance
the importance of Balance and the confidence in maintaining one's balance is a delicate yet not impossible task. Without balance we suffer and so do others.

The power of negatives

Positive Negative Words
Introducing the importance of both positive and negative thoughts and the direct relationship of how our thoughts determine our life outcomes.

Our conscious and unconscious

Practice Mindfulness
What makes us tick? Explore the fascinating distinction of the Conscious and Unconscious Mind. Dive into mind mechanics; our awareness and unawareness