The mini-me is that remnant fragment of childhood that has formed us into the adult we are today. Even though he/she is quite small, only a small residue needs to be unleashed to create confusion.

A lot of us are really good at remembering things from the past. A lot of us also are really good at complaining about all our unnecessary vices and problems. A lot of us would very easily complain about the lack of service we have received rather than noticing how comfortable the chairs we were sitting in were as we were waiting.

The mini-me, our inner child – the part that we forcefully squash down and deny. Usually we deny when it gets all too much… when things get really bad and the universe forces us to change.

This can be the harshness of reality. I know there are difficult times: heavy mortgages to pay, living form week to week, and working for a disgruntled un-accepting boss who doesn’t even remember your name. I know this. I’ve been unemployed. I’ve been divorced. I’ve been wondering when my next meal was going to come. I’ve struggled with strong family beliefs and religious indoctrination.

I’m not making light of this. It’s just that in the whole scheme of things, and I’m not just necessarily talking spiritually. Is it really important? Sure, when you are in the swirling mass of black confusion, you betcha! But is it really important? If you stood still and thought in six months time, in a year’s time, when it’s my time… Will that be important? Is that what I want to remember?

The mini-me is like having a small child constantly with you. It is you, a vital part of you, and like most small children it is quite simple, and like most small children it is creative, and like most small children it loves to dream and visualise, and will often ask questions, and seriously just wants to please you… to make you happy. Sometimes this is likened to our unconscious mind – full of emotions, memories, habits and dreams.

Our unconscious mind generally wants to please us because it has a perfect blueprint of our health and our perfect alignment. It doesn’t question what is right or wrong, good or bad. It just does – just like a child – and sometimes, just like a child, we don’t listen. We don’t validate, nor do we acknowledge. And so the voice of this inner child becomes softer and softer until it stops trying. But it’s always trying. We’ve just shut it down… walled it up. Some people even put locks on it and think if they throw away the key they never have to open it again. Some people surrounded it with an infestation of thorns so that they feel better that, when they do wish to acknowledge the wall, it will be deeply painful… or so we think. Those spontaneous thoughts that just pop into our heads…

“I didn’t think that! These thoughts; they just came into my mind…” Whose mind? Yours!

You are in charge!

So I have some good news and some bad news:

The good news is: “You are in charge of your mind”
The bad news is: “You are in charge of your mind”

Those overwhelming emotions that are not appropriate yet we never set time to introspect and acknowledge. Those weird dreams that repeat themselves over and over…

Why don’t we believe in magic anymore?
Why don’t we just, for the heck of it, climb the monkey bars and go down the slippery dip and yeah fall in the mud?

Why, if when it rains, we get “so sick “of this weather?

Detox the crap – the crap that was never yours. I know this because if it was yours, you wouldn’t be feeling so tortured. You wouldn’t be feeling so confused. You would be focused and, most importantly, you would be happy.

It’s more than just thinking positive thoughts. It’s more than just “keep smiling”. It’s about making yourself worthy enough to find out who you really are, not what others think, or tell you but who you are and who you want to be and where it is you want to go.