We seem to be living in a society of try-ers. Being Australian and authentically an Aussie (oi oi oi) doesn’t help. ‘Having a Fair Go’ and ‘The Great Aussie Battler’ were affirmations taken from the war era. Well the war is over and times have changed! For some reason we are creating and wasting a lot of energy in maintaining the war within ourselves, within our minds.

We all have problems. This is not a discounted unsympathetic cast off. It is in fact a huge acknowledgement. In fact, because they are your problems – only you know the true extent to how much of a challenge they are. Only you can keep them close to you and let them identify who you are. Only you can release them.

I don’t know you, but I do know that there is a part of you that necessitates some sort of peace and happiness at whatever level that is, because that is the basis of the human being; to live in direct alignment with our environment. Our natural environment is always pulsating and ebbing to create balance. Remember that just because you are doing something about your problems, just because you are getting rid of your problems does not mean they are not yours.

Just listen to yourself. The reasons or excuses you use to justify your unwanted behaviour or results. The majority of the time there is a common thread of buts that’s when the long patented (hey because it’s important you know?) scroll list of all the reasons why you shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t, come spilling out.

‘I would love to go but it’s probably just not for me’ translates to ‘I would really love to go. I don’t think I will fit in.’
‘He has gorgeous eyes but he’s not for me’ translates to ‘I find him really attractive. I’m worried I will be rejected’.

That’s your little justification list to stay right where you are and not move forward. Basically, dishonouring and discounting yourself as a human being and being unappreciative of the potential vastness for which you were made to be.

By staying where you are, you are staying still, you are not moving anywhere, and if you think you are you’re really deluding yourself… because you are stuck. I guess it’s a safe thing when you are in the same place – day in day out so predictable you could probably extrapolate the next five, ten years on that same wavelength.

Life will go on, but opportunities will pass you by. Possibilities will pass you by and oh, did I say opportunities will pass you by!?

‘Trying to do anything is a weak half hearted effort, almost like putting your hand up in class half way when you were a kid at school so that the teacher may not pick on you for the answer, or at least you are hoping that she won’t.

Trying and hoping are non-committal. They aren’t really a verb or an action because they don’t allow anything to happen; they only allow you to remain stuck.

If I drop a pen on the floor and try to pick it up, I will be trying! I will be motioning my arm, getting it ready in position, my fingers will be projected towards the pen, I would probably be leaning over somewhat and my eyes would be focused on the pen ( my tongue might even stick out because that’s what I do when I concentrate really hard), but have I actually got it?

Once I decide to actually look at the pen, make it my focus and realise that the outcome that I want is to pick it up, I will the take action, bend over and grab it.

I need to make the decision and then it will be done. I need to then do whatever it takes to create a movement in the right direction.

A decision has nothing to do with age, sex, gender, race or spiritual atonement and everything to do with you.

We are very willing to give our power to others in the hope they will do what we actually need to do for ourselves. If it’s truly your desire then NEVER will there be a time, place, dimension nor any other condition that you can expect anything to be achieved or fulfilled by relying on, or giving your power to someone else… never… ever!