If you are not willing to be responsible totally and completely for what has happened in your past, then you future will be doomed and unchanged.

Save yourself time and energy and start waving goodbye now to all the possibilities and all the wonderful connections that could have been.

Start really feeling the pain right now because there will not even be hope anymore, because the world of growth is not within you and nothing or no one will be attracted to something that is dead, stuck and lifeless. Seriously wave goodbye to everything and anything that would have happened and just stay where you are, safe and comfortable and stagnant. If you are not willing to totally and completely be accountable for your decisions, actions, thoughts or projections in the past, then you will be still giving power away in your future and absolutely guaranteed to create no change.

Now I am not talking about beating yourself, berating yourself for having married the wrong person, for begrudging a close family member, for hurting someone close and dear to you, for stealing, I am talking about asking yourself where you were at that particular time of your life and why you thought decisions that you made, actions that you decided to do and thoughts and  feelings that you had were justified… then and only then when you realise that at that time you were doing the best you could with the resources you had , can you change your future and now.

You can be a TRYer or a hoper if you like. You can be safe, but you will continually be struggling because you have put those conditions for yourself of trying and hoping.

Successful people and I’m not just talking about business people and people with huge amounts of money, I’m talking about successful people; people who do what they say they are going to do,  people who continually create a systematic way of nourishing their ideas  and goals, people who crave and have balance in all areas of their life; Health, Wealth, Family, Relationships, Business, Personal, Spiritual, make decisions and always follow thorough their decision and act on it in a measurable way.

Sure we can be victims… of our experiences… of society… of our childhood. Nothing will change, unless we become at cause for our situation.

When you are a victim, you are powerless. By accepting responsibility for your life, you become empowered. You are empowering yourself to change, and there will no longer be this fretful waiting for change, or waiting until circumstances change, or hoping that someone else will change until YOU change syndrome.

Yeah, it can be tough and a bit challenging to accept responsibility for what was done in the past. But if you are responsible for your past, then you are responsible for your future, and the beauty about that is – it’s your future. So why would you give that responsibility to anyone else?

Why would you let someone else dictate or manoeuvre your life course?  Why would you allow someone else with different talents, beliefs and passions to have so much power, when you are more than equipped to handle the challenge? Yet, in some cases, you have given it away.

So, being accountable and responsible for your life is another scary thing because then who are you going to blame if something goes wrong?  Let me put this to you – nothing will ever be truly changed unless it comes from yourself. You are the one that knows what needs to be done. When you surrender and wave that white flag, which is almost yellow now from so much exposure, you give away your power to someone else/others. YOU LOSE your power. YOU LOSE your self-worth.

YOU LOSE your focus. YOU LOSE your identity.

Do it NOW. Not tomorrow. Not next month. Not next year but NOW right NOW.

Stop steering to the rapids because you are used to the mass of confusion and pain as you approach another huge boulder. Throw away that raft that is almost split and ease yourself into that lake where the sunlight sparkles on its surface as it dances and frolics and the only stones are those multicoloured pebbles beneath that you can see as you swirl the invigorating water beneath your feet.

STOP the victim approach. It doesn’t work. It allows you to be with other victims. It attracts you to other victims and off you all go to the doom of total despair.

We are beautifully complex individuals already, so keep your life simple!