Don’t think of a blue tree.
Seriously, just stop for a minute…
DON’T think of a blue tree!
What did you do?
You thought of one, didn’t you?
But I specifically asked that you don’t think of a blue tree!

Even if you thought you could outwit this scenario and change its colour, you had to acknowledge that you thought of a blue tree first. But why is this so?

This is the fundamental premise for success in any and every part of your life. It’s not the colour of the tree; it doesn’t even have to be a tree. It’s the task, or really the lack of ‘DON’T.

We have a brilliant device called a ‘body’, which is designed to produce behaviour based on what you think and say.

Our wonderful complexed additional device that we have modified so that we can understand it to some degree – called a brain – needs certain directive components in order to function well and to excel and maintain a desired function. Our mind which is comprised of some pretty amazing components besides all that grey squishy stuff, which we will go into soon, is not able to process negatives. Don’t think of a blue tree. And what did you get: a blue tree. Kids don’t run. What happens? Don’t you dare do that! Oh what a great idea!

So if you take a sentence beginning with a negation – don’t for example – this is what you really get…

Don’t run = run
Don’t think of a blue tree= think of a blue tree
I will never eat junk food again= I will eat junk food again
Don’t you see how hard it is? = you see how hard it is
You should not do that again! = you should do that again
You would not ever know= you would never know
So what you are in fact wanting or desiring to focus on is not what you are focusing on. The power of focus and how it is stated, how compelling it is, is really the water or the essence for our existence. Without it we become confused, depressed anxious, dry and lifeless like a barred desert, yearning for the thirst of knowledge, the thirst of focus. So it’s our FOCUS. There is a direct relationship between the quality of your focus and your future.

Negative = negative
Abundance = abundance

Confusion, perplex ion, and disarray are huge signs telling you that you are not focusing. What do most people do? They keep on going!

The power of focus is best described like this:

Imagine if you had a destination to go to and there were two options. There is a gnarled dark, slippery ,mossy ,bumpy road overgrown with debris and bushes so thick that light isn’t even penetrating, which everyone, you know your family, friends, work colleagues are telling you is the way to go, because you know life wasn’t meant to be easy, you have to work hard to get anywhere and the more effort you put in now will reap the rewards later. Then there is a clean, smooth, straight flat road and the sun as it shines on the gravel is making sparkling flashes of light on the bitumen which looks like fairies dancing, hang on a sec and there’s a sound of a waterfall or something in the distance, and if you take the time to have a look there are even rose bushes lining the road and if you did take the time to notice, when the soft summer breeze would make its way to your face, you would be able to get just the slightest hint of a scent of jasmine mixed in with the roses as the breeze wafts past tour face, if you were to take notice that is.

So which one would you choose? Which one are you choosing in your life, right now?