What is it to be worthy? Do we wait for others to tell us that we are worthy? That what we did was worthwhile?

Why are we afraid of feeling worthy?

The word “worthiness” usually derives from a pre-supposed list of already identifiable checklists. For example, the news: What’s worthy of reporting? Or worthy of getting a promotion? Worthy of being loved? Worthy of being accepted?

These structured forms, while guidelines for specific parts of our life, are however not the absolute.

Guidelines according to whom?

Guidelines according to what?

Based on what?

Concluded how?

In order to feel worthy for anything at any level at any given time, we must feel that we are first CAPABALE.

Then there are societal stigmas of obstacles or suppression disguised as being supportive or helpful, that continue to make us believe these dilapidating thoughts.

Think about it.  It’s a number one best seller. A sure guarantee to market any advertising.

The feeling of worth in cosmetics, to furniture, to fashion, to cars, to even beer and alcohol, praying on people’s concerns about their value and therefore their worth as human beings, as friends, as parents, as children as lovers, as workers.

So while on a surface level people, leaders and communities are comparing what is worthy and what is not, worthiness itself is incomparable.

I believe the need to feel worthy is the most predominantly debilitating requirement in today’s society. It is by the same token a desire that is least often addressed or satisfied.

Lack of worthiness is fundamentally responsible for lack of success and lack of continuation of balance in any realm of life, be it finance, health, career, relationships or family.

Any one of these will fall apart and disintegrate when a feeling of worthiness is not secure.

With worthiness comes self acceptance.  We are taught that we are only conditionally worthy.

Were you ever continually chastised?


Were you told that you weren’t special enough to be part of a group?

Were you told that you were not worthy of that job promotion?

Following these experiences, your belief in what you desire and therefore what you feel you can create in the realms of your deservingness, is reduced. Dramatically.

I have seen so many individuals struggle with deeply held questions relating to their personal worth.

We all have the capability and right to feel worthy. To feel   undeserving or even to belittle another’s worthiness is a form of abuse.  It is basically discounting another’s existence.  It is a stance that dedicates a faithless belief in life and the magic it holds within itself. It is destructive and poisonous and toxic to the human form.

All of us are worthy.

You cannot do anything to increase or decrease your worth.  We are all deserving because we have been given this opportunity to breathe to live and rejuvenate. We can create… many things.

Allow those blocks of others’ thoughts and beliefs to remain theirs. Guilt and responsibility will affect how we feel and when acknowledged they will get better with time.

Celebrate your humanness.  Realise the tremendous power that you have and are able to share with others. Worthiness is a birthright and not a standard of conformations that we must tick before we claim the title.

Stop blocking the pleasures.

Stop blocking the fun and the love.

Stop limiting yourself.

Life is a wrapped gift box and being human is not a burden. Being human allows us to open this box and embrace it and share it and enjoy it – and that in itself is worthwhile!

You get to decide the way you think and feel about yourself. What you believe you will create. So start creating what you want!

Remember you are not what someone says you are. You are what you believe. Give those thoughts your energy. Worthiness has already been achieved by just being born.