Let’s not be alarmed or depressed with what seems to be the inevitability of Karma. Yes we are in it (actually we are ‘it’) and we did make it all ourselves, and indeed karma is as complex as any elaborate legal system – only this is a cosmic one. But new attitudes and choices can haul us out of the grooves; we can change the course of our destiny. Choices create our future.

Karmic awareness is a good thing, otherwise we could indulge in denial and self-pity or take on the role of a martyr or victim.

Karma is an empowering concept once we get the hang of it. We really are gods unto ourselves: we must undertake any necessary corrective measures.

Firstly, take advantage of the Law of Karma’s idea of grace whereby negative karma may be forgiven by divine authority. The most authoritative phenomenon is the historical Jesus Christ’s death which had the specific purpose of gobbling up humanity’s negative karma: a ‘kick start’ or getting us ‘over the line’ so we could evolve with integrity. Bypass the religiosity of Christianity that dangles around the Christ’s crucifixion. Tell Universe you want to appropriate this act.

In the spiritual workshop of Earth some things can be just lived through to completion: we assent to the situation and no emotion or particular effort is required.

A lot of the time people encountered, and circumstances met with, trigger individual bits of karma, releasing them and bringing them into play. Sometimes simply understanding what we do, think or feel at these times can release karmic energy. Ahh, the magic act of self-acceptance. Release seems impossible when fear, rejection or trying to escape ourselves is in place.

But to diminish a recurring, compelling influence of the past, take responsibility for it as a spiritual or moral error and lack of evolution. Then endeavour to make more caring choices, hold oneself accountable for any thought, word or action, and attend to error quickly. Accompany all this with prayer and forgiveness. Depending on one’s resolve to effort, self-control and patience the liability can be overcome.

For the average individual the subtle karmic impulses exert their influence at a level below the threshold of awareness. These could be intuited either by prayer or specific investigation such as past-life recall. By becoming conscious of these energies gradually the grip on behaviour is defused.

The power of desire cannot be overestimated as the deepest force initiating karma. The intensity of the rage, love, hatred, compassion or any emotion humans can experience is the motivation that needs to be examined. How deep will we delve, how honest will we be? At this point pride or humility has considerable bearing.

Searching for hidden agendas is worth it. Before speaking or acting, ask; ‘what is my intention?’ and listen for an answer. Sooner or later we hear one and can then decide to keep the intention or change it. Consciously expressing understanding and compassion and putting aside artificial needs makes positive karma. We ‘get nowhere’ by continuing to respond to difficulties through the instinctive ego, in the same way we always have. This is the recycling of karma, a refusal to move forward toward the future.

Don’t get caught up in another’s karma by worrying about another, or interfering where it’s not your business. Drop control or guilt and fascination of the other’s concern and pursue prayerful, intuitive consideration whether to get involved or not.

We incarnate to heal and balance energy but also to contribute specialness. Gifts/talents are brought over from the past; all that is needed is the energy to activate and perfect them. This is the richness of life.

Too, there are opportunities to grow. With karma we feel confused and PULLED toward the action, as if part of a drama. An opportunity, when we receive new energies to work with, gives a feeling of being PUSHED to explore, try something new, maybe with a sense of pioneering.

In our world of motion and actualisation attentiveness is essential to stop reacting blindly to karmic impulses. Without correction or restraint karma leads to attachment, impurity and dissatisfaction. But by pouring new energies in new directions we can influence the course of our lives. We may not see the results immediately but karma assures that they will come as any energy generated must have effects.