Discovering diamonds

Diamonds are a highly desired gem.  An expensive precious stone, it has many uses, the most common and popular one being jewellery. We often see them sitting in tiny leather boxes, encased behind shiny plate glass windows in jewellery stores, basking in the admiration of passersby. However, if we ignore the surface appearance of diamonds and look deeper, we will see just how far they have travelled, resulting in their fashioning into a beautiful piece of jewellery. If we try, we can begin to think of the similarities between our own lives and that of the diamonds, from formation to excavation.

Basically, diamonds are the hardest form of carbon found in either rocks or mud, clay and silt deposits. These deposits form alluvium, where carbon slowly solidifies under intense heat and pressure, forming a diamond. From such beginnings, a diamond is born. When we think of mud, clay and silt, images of grit, dirt and mire come to mind, however, it is from these undesirable ingredients that diamonds are made. Their secret to their potential lies in the mud, heat and pressure.

Often, it is the same case with our own lives. It is from the challenges and circumstances life continually throws at us, that we, slowly but surely, reach our potential. It is the muck, mire and moments of intense heat and pressure in our lives that builds our character, adding facets over the years. If only we could change our thought pattern to remind ourselves of this, especially when in the midst of a crisis.

We tend to look at diamonds, often blinded by their size or brilliance and forget under what circumstances they are formed. We tend to do this with people as well. We are spellbound by the outward glittering appearance of the lives of others, forgetting that most people have experienced some degree of suffering or sorrow. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find someone who has not experienced some form of friction or conflict. However, with awareness of thought, we can begin to view our challenges as doorways to our undeniable potential.

When in the middle of a great challenge, we tend to think there is a disparity in the balance between the joyful times and trying times in our lives. If we adopt a new perspective, we see that the difficult times prepare us for the joy that follows.

Just like diamonds, we need the grit and heat to flourish. The balance between challenges and setbacks, successes and triumphs is essential to our growth. It is the muddy terrains that allow us to appreciate the greener pastures. If we start to think this way, we see the riches on offer and the opportunities our challenges have embedded within them. We look forward to excavating the goodness within and allowing ourselves to shine.

Of course, no one said it would be an easy task. If we apply consciousness and steadily chip away at the rock and muddy boundaries that have built up in our minds, then maybe, we can clear the way for new perspectives. With a little diligence and motivation, we may be able to replace the old way of viewing our challenges as harbingers of heartache and begin to see them as essential lessons.

The rewards and benefits of excavating the diamonds in our lives not only affect us but those around us as well. A diamond on its own reflects the light, but a cluster of diamonds, reflects the greatness of each other. We are always encouraged and inspired by other people and their stories, learning from their individual quests. We desire to emulate their strength and courage in our own lives. When one person shines it gives others the licence to do the same.

When encountering challenges, being present and remaining aware of our thoughts, brings with it an added sense of hope. If we can keep our focus on the end result but remain detached from the outcome, taking comfort from the fact that all will undoubtedly work out for the best, we will be better equipped to find those rare gems that we know exist within us.  In our minds, we will not fall victim to the belief that the pressure, heat and muddy terrain are all there is. We are certain that through it all, a diamond will be discovered, always remembering that a diamond can cut through anything.