Targeting Intention

All of us have individual dreams and desires that we desperately want to attain and achieve in our lives. Some of us are completely consumed with reaching our goals that nothing else matters. We spend hours thinking about how we are going to make our dreams a reality. We can see it in our minds and therefore we believe we can reach out and touch it. All of our dreams, goals and desires start with a single thought, which in turn leads to intention. The power of intention is often overlooked and sometimes dismissed as mere wishing but it is much more than that. It is the single most important ingredient of creation. Everything begins with intention.

The reality we witness everyday as the physical world, would not be without intention. We can look at a house and see that it is much more than bricks and mortar, but a bundle of individual intentions that led to its physical form in the material realm. The construction of a house begins with the initial intention to build it. A person might dream of a new home and with this intention, others are put into motion. Not only do you have the intention of the first person, but now the intentions of the designer, builder, carpenter, painter, plasterer, tiler, plumber, electrician and so on. Without intention, the house would not be.

The difference between simple wishing and pure intention are evident here. It is not enough to sit back and spend hours wishing for something, in this case, a new house. Intention needs action and the use of will to become a reality. Although you may think that your intention is strictly individual and stands alone, it is always connected to the intentions of others. Some believe that all intentions are somehow connected, claiming that there is no separateness in the world. All energy is felt and interconnected.

This helps when looking closely at where your intentions stem from. It helps to ask questions as to what you truly intend to achieve when you reach your goal. Pulling back the layers until you get to the undeniable truth, will help ascertain the experience you will have. If you want to build a new house, ask yourself why? The answer might be to provide shelter and a comfortable living space for your loved ones or conversely, it could be to build a huge mansion in order to be the envy of all your neighbours. The initial intention appears the same but the underlying intention is completely opposite. Two people sharing this intention would have two distinctly difference experiences.

It is possible to take a step even further and ask yourself why you want to achieve these things. If you want to provide shelter for your family, your intention might be to give them security and then once secure, you might feel less likely to worry. If you want your house to be the envy of those around you, you might think that this reaction will make you feel better about yourself and then you will finally see yourself as a success. All intentions seem similar on the surface and a lot of the time, what someone intends is different to what they will ultimately experience.

Most of us if delving deeply into our intentions will notice that most of the goals we all have are shared. We all want to be happy, peaceful, joyful, loved, respected, secure, fulfilled and cared for. However, its our intentions that lead us down different roads to attaining these goals. We approach things in different ways. Some of us believe we can do and achieve anything, others feel there are limitations to what is possible.

When forming intentions, it helps to remain aware of what we truly desire and the experiences we want to have. When things happen differently to what we initially expect, we can retrace our thoughts and pinpoint where our intentions really lay. In this way, we can see that what we intend is what we will experience, even if it looks clear on the surface. Our deeper intentions, sometimes seen as unconscious intentions, will always win out if they are the stronger.

It may seem like hard work to constantly pay attention to our intentions but, it benefits us in more ways than one. By doing so on a regular basis, we can create the experiences we actually want to have and live a life we have always desired.