Humans are very adverse to change. In fact, they fight it; fearing what they do not know nor understand and allowing this fear to stop them from letting go of anything. Change is rarely embraced because people enjoy that which is known and familiar. Nothing of value can reach us whilst doing the same things all the time. We need change in order to grow.

When relationships, jobs, friendships, where you live, or even what we think and believe no longer works for us, something has to change even if letting go of what has always been seems hard. If we hang on to this unhealthy state of being, we miss the opportunities and excitement of what lies ahead. If we were not meant to experience anything new, it would not be in our life. There is always a purpose to what we attract to experience even if it takes time to understand it.

When one door closes, a new one will open… I promise. We will always be given an opportunity to put the wisdom we have gained from previous experiences into practice. This is the law of spiritual and personal growth.

At some point in our letting go process, we must accept that the time has come to move forward; to accept that the closing of the door really has arrived. Otherwise, many possibilities pass us by because we refuse to allow them near us. We bring everything that has passed with us into our future, often repeating and perpetuating previous mistakes and sinking further into imbalance.

What is unknown or has yet to be, is exciting. Who knows what joy we will find on the other side of our new door of opportunity? We never enter a new doorway unprepared either, and this is the whole point. we are ready to have this experience, that is why it is here. Accept what has been and believe that we are ready for the next phase of our life because we are. With so much to look forward to, why look back?

We should never forget where we have been, whom we have been with or what we have known, for all of it was important but when we need to let go, we need to stop attaching ourselves emotionally to the past. When I need to let go of people, thoughts, homes etc; I use a door technique – the door being a symbol of both closure and openings. I guide myself in accepting that it is time to move on by doing the following. Honestly though, sometimes I need to do it a lot.

The Door: Visualize yourself in darkness, in front of any type of door you like. Really focus on you standing at this door. Now shift your gaze to notice that your hand is actually on the handle… and that you have turned it. Look at the door again and see the light that is breaking through the opened seal. Know that you have opened your door… that you have willingly wanted to do this. Bring your awareness back to you and acknowledge that this door is both a beginning and an ending as you stand on a threshold – literally leaving and entering at the same time. This door symbolises your decision to let go. Choose to use the experiences you are leaving in those you are ready to face for they are a part of you. The light beyond your doorway is your future. It is filled with possibility. You now stand beside the edge of your door, looking forward; facing the light. Watch as you turn around and smile behind you, nodding with approval and reverence into the darkness. When you turn around again, you are bathed in this shimmering light of new beginnings, ready for the new journey.

We face many doors in our lives, some pleasant and others, not. Sometimes we feel we are not ready for change and often, we are afraid of what awaits us and that is when we need change the most. Remember that what you are doing now was once new for you also. Everything we do once had a beginning point before we considered it another part of our life. Everything has a purpose and everything is an opportunity … for learning, wisdom, love.

Embrace your unique journey by allowing what has to go, to leave, and what is next, to become possible.