What do you really want out of life? Can you almost touch/feel/taste it? Are you there in your mind already? Have you already discovered how to create a vision?

I don’t expect you to answer these questions right now, but if you can, I’d suggest you’re well on the way to living your dream. Maybe what we’re going to cover here will get you that little bit closer.

So let me ask you now to sit back close your eyes and day dream a little. What do you want from life?

I bet you’re thinking something along the lines of a five-bedroom house on a huge block of land with a meticulously manicured garden backing onto a private beach or some other idealist setting. Then you imagine yourself on a plane travelling to some exotic location with a huge roll of ‘C’ notes in your pocket and ready to go crazy (or already are)! You have the most amazing mutually worshipping lover next to you and you are in a constant state of bliss! Or maybe you want to lead a simple minimalist life. Either way it’s not a bad dream at all, and quite a good start too. But here’s the kicker, that’s as far as most people get. They don’t follow up on the dream! They don’t know how to create a vision.

The mind, in most cases, has been programmed to react to these thoughts afterwards by responding with thoughts along the lines of – It’s just a dream. I bet there are people living my dream now. I’ll never achieve that because the way my life is now. Only if I win the lottery or rob a bank etc, etc.

By thinking these thoughts, you’re actually telling yourself that it’s not possible. You are re-affirming your current reality. That’s how people get stuck into a repetitive pattern of accepting mediocrity. You are fantasising -not visualising! It’s great to dream – don’t get me wrong. And yes, you probably deserve all that you imagine. But there’s one thing you need to know right now – THOUGHT CREATES REALITY!

Now you could go and start a journal of the sum total of your thoughts (something I recommend highly as it externalises everything and assists in clearing the mind of negative patterning), but a few sheets of paper and a pen will do in the short term.

Here’s how to create a vision

Essentially we are about to build a type of jigsaw puzzle map, which will ultimately lead us to our dream destination. First, we are going to begin with the end in mind. Look at what I asked you to think about before the daydream. Let’s chunk this daydream down into the elements featured. Tear some sheets from the pad and write each one down on a separate page. In the above example there were the following features:

  1. Five bedroom house
  2. Meticulously manicured garden
  3. Beach
  4. Plane
  5. Exotic Location
  6. Money
  7. Lover

OK, we now have seven sheets of paper with words on them. Now we write on each of these sheets the qualities each element has. For Example:

What does the kitchen look like in the house? What would make it a home for you? What furniture is there? What colour is the carpet. Is there a feature wall colour in each room?

What plants and flowers are in the garden? What do they smell like, etc?

Then follow the same steps for the remaining features. Remember to detail as much as you can. As you’re writing, imagine you are actually there. If you are eating, imagine what the food tastes like (you WILL start salivating). What does the ground feel like under your feet? I think you get the idea.

You now have a vivid picture, complete with sensory perception. You can feel, smell, taste, see and hear everything. You are having a virtual experience.

Now take the pages in your hand, sit quietly and meditate on the complete vision.

Get yourself into an ‘alpha state’ (see Viewing the Aura) and hold the vision in your mind.

Imagine now a medium shade of pink energy around you – enveloping your body (This colour represents love. Love for yourself, love for your surroundings, and love of your vision).

Feel the energy radiating out to around two metres from your body – so it covers out to the 7th auric layer.

Maintaining a comfortable breathing pattern, hold your pink gift-wrapped vision for as long as you feel comfortable.

Next take three deep cleansing breathes. At the top of the third breath, hold for the period it took to intake.

On the exhale, bring your lips closer together and push the breath out with as much force you can muster and imagine the pink field around you erupting into millions of tiny bubbles and out into the farthest regions of space your mind can comprehend.

You’ve just built your vision and sent it out into the universe. Your bubbles, complete with your frequency, are out there right now working for you. It’s already a reality because the thought is specific and has been externalised – it’s out there. All the opportunities you need to manifest your vision into physical reality will, in as long as it takes to happen, present themselves to you gift-wrapped in your energy. You’ll recognise them instantly.

Leave a comment below if you have any tips on how to create a vision for a more positive future.