The system created by us (modern society) has conditioned humanity into thinking that we are less than we actually are.

Throughout time, we have allowed ourselves to become distracted from our true purpose of being. Belief systems have become set into place, which have conditioned us to accept far less than who we are truly capable of being. Ultimate truth and creative expression becomes suppressed, locked deep within the psyche, making way for ignorance and conformity, mutating humankind into nothing more than a herd.

Societies merge together into herds of all sizes, depending on the qualities and/or desires offered and the resources available, within a designated grazing area. We base this decision on what we think we want.

We bring with us (into the herd) our individual experience and aberration (emotional baggage) adding to its collective psyche. Rules for the herd are set into place, along with a system of exchange for goods and services (currency), and a game is born.

What is the object of this game? Well that’s your choice.

In this game there are two opposing teams, or forces (call them whatever you like). Each team consists of individuals playing the game for their own reasons. Each player chooses what effect (s)he wishes to have on the outcome of the game.

Some choose to display team colours proudly, where others may choose to purposefully wear the brand of the team they oppose, disorienting its players. A few may aspire to be the team captain while many change teams in the middle of the game, and some may not even realise which team they are playing for. Others may choose to migrate to an altogether different herd. Then there are those who choose not to participate at all. It is a most complicated game, isn’t it? I don’t think there is any need to go further – you get the picture.

We can play the game any way we like. It’s all a matter of choice. Our free will allows us to do whatever we think or feel we want to. Which team is the best? Which team is the good one? Which team is bad? Does it really matter?

Consider the following four questions that, when answered, may just place you on the winning side – and on the path to total empowerment:

Who am I?

What do I really want?

Which team do I want to play for?

How do I go about achieving what I want?

It is only when you begin to answer these questions that you start creating a clear path to your goal and move closer towards winning your game. The answers will come. Be absolutely certain of that!

Imagine everyone pursuing a path to empowerment. What effect do you feel this will have on the collective psyche of our planet?

Come on then!