Since the beginnings of Western mythology the feminine has been maligned. An alternative reading of ‘The Fall’ brings understanding of how the feminine is the birther/creator of all in the universe. On this planet the ‘eating of the apple from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil’ formed the egoic mind. This was not some disaster but all part of Universe’s evolution of the ‘spiritual’ having a ‘physical’ experience.

Feminine rebirth must happen

This mythology got some things right. ‘Made in the image of god’ – surely God has to be male and female or else he’s not an all powerful, supreme being. ‘Male and female he made them’. Not male gender and female gender individually but both aspects resident in the one being; a true reflection of the Divine.

As time wore on and the egoic mind became good at protecting itself, passing the buck and all the other machinations it gets up to, the masculine aspect – analyse, judge, speculate, defend – of humans’ makeup became dominant. We have seen that this dominance has put us into all sorts of trouble and distress (to say the least!). Masculine to masculine has always meant war – subjective judgment and figuring it all out. Feminine implies mystery, opportunity, nurture and expansiveness.

It is now time for balance and healing. Time for the full expression of God. A returning to the ‘Garden of Eden’. Both men and women manifesting wholly, complete within themselves.

On a physical level we all know that an adult male and female are necessary to bring about a birth. Likewise, on our psychic/spiritual level the mature masculine and feminine are essential to bring something worthwhile and pure into existence. As our species evolves we will realise ourselves as pure consciousness – as God – as we directly experience and intelligently investigate it.

Eastern mythology shows Shiva and Shakti as an inseparable God. The Yin/Yang force is also shown to be indivisible. Any predominant gender or influence of any God or Energy at any time is illusionary. Male and female cannot be divided. Consciousness is made up of both.

As we move towards stepping off the wheel of karma, undefiled masculine/feminine balance is a pre-requisite.

Awareness of the Feminine and the need for balance is re-surfacing at this time of drastic threat to Mother Earth and the admittance of our fragmented selves. The keys to this process lie in the archetype of the feminine energy being activated to penetrate into the smallest details of our daily life on Earth; the planet itself, human culture, society, the family, and the life of each individual.

The Feminine archetype’s characteristics of giving and sustaining life, care and unconditional love, help and support, beauty and tenderness, organic relationship with nature and the earth are the main qualities which will help humankind to ascend to higher levels of being. It is also related to the process of purification, transformation and illumination of matter. By its very essence, this energy impresses and implements spiritual ideals into the material world.

OK, let’s bring all this closer to home. Guys and gals are all in this together! Lacking in the feminine applies to all of us. Everyone has lived in a masculine-dominated world and with a masculine-dominated psyche.

Here’s some strategies for getting the feminine mojo working:

  • Make a deal with your masculine. Say, “Hey you warrior, lay down your sword and shield for a bit. Stand aside and wait please. If I need you, I’ll call you. Thankyou for being such a great protector all this time. I’m  going off to explore the feminine for a while.”
  • Dialogue the masculine with the feminine. M. can say, “How you doing babe?” and F. replies, “I’m doing good honey, how are you? …better for being with you, gorgeous”. M. says, “Oh honey you say the nicest things”.
  • It could get quite erotic in a spiritual kind of way; desire and passion between the two. “Let me dance for you my love, masculine”, says feminine. Take it where you will!
  • Look out of your left eye and listen through your left ear and see how your perception changes. There is a whole different world!
  • For those in an intimate relationship being content within yourself (masculine/feminine balanced) cuts cravings for the other to ‘make’ you complete. You are whole all by yourself. Then (metaphorically) you are the cake and the relationship is the icing.

If you are honest with yourself you will notice that there’s such a draw to the word ‘creativity’ – which is self expression and freedom. To suppress sensuality, joy, imagination and other traits associated with the feminine archetype has high costs. Creativity does has a darker side. By limiting ourselves to ‘acceptable expression’ a lot of what needs to get expressed comes out destructively. Suppression can lead to explosive outbursts.

Cultivating the feminine mojo gives access to natural ‘superpowers’ of intuition, instinct, inspiration, creativity, joy, sensuality, and more, and ability to live a creative adventure from a beautiful, inspired heart.